Our treks are a relax paced walk (and steady trot in parts if preferred) through beautiful grass fields, forestry and on/off road tracks

Suitable for all adult riders - including beginner & nervous riders

Only suitable for children over 12 with riding experience - walk/trot unaided

1 Hour - £35

1 1/2 Hour - £45

Saturday's 10.30am


Hacks are faster paced than treks. Includes walk, trot & canter through fields, forestry and off road track.


Over 16's - Experienced riders only

1 Hour - £45

1 1/2 Hour - £55

Sunday's 10.30am


We welcome individual, pairs and group bookings

For group booking, please contact us to arrange a day that suits you all. 

Group treks are perfect for a party of friends but also for individuals or pairs who are happy to join a trek with other riders.

Please read through our FAQ's to answer any questions your may have.