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Riding Levels Explained:

Level 1: Complete Beginner

 This level includes complete beginners up to those who are riding without a leader but still require some assistance with riding

Level 2: Beginner +

Riders are without a leader and will work to improve on all that has been learned and must have a fully balanced trot before moving to the next level

Level 3: Novice

This group will concentrate on learning to canter and work towards jumps etc

Level 4/5: Intermediate - Advanced

All riders will be confident in all gaits and lessons will include a variety of elements and exercises. 

We have private sessions available on weekdays between 10am & 4pm 

From then we have lots of after school & weekends groups for all children & adults. 

Cancellation Policy


Please let us know if you need to cancel your appointment. If cancellation is within 48 hours – 50% of the fee will be retained/charged.


For ‘No shows’ & cancellations within 24 hours - the full fee will be retained/charged

1/2 hour - £38.50

3/4 hour - £44 (Weekdays Only)

Private Lessons

1/2 hour - £27.50pp

3/4 hour - £33pp

Shared Lessons

  10 am - Canter Club

Ages 6+ riding, games, learning - £44 (2 hours)

12.30pm Level 2 - £22

Children who can walk & trot off lead rein on different ponies

1pm & 1.30pm - Level 1 - £22

Lead rein for beginner children

2pm - Level 3 - £33

Children learning to canter canter

2.45pm - Level 4/5 - £33

Children established in canter

3.30pm - Adult Shared Lesson - £38.50

Saturday Groups

10am - Level 2 - £22

Children that can walk & trot off lead on a variety of ponies



 Level 1 - £22

Lead rein for beginner children

11am - Adult 1 Hour Group Lesson - £38.50

12pm - Level 3 - £33
Children who can walk and trot off lead rein

12.45pm - Level 4/5 - £33 Children established in canter

2pm - Canter Club

Ages 6+ riding, games, learning - £44 (2 hours)

Sunday Groups


Junior Riders Club 5.45pm - 6.30pm £33

Adult Riders Club 6.30pm - 7.30pm


Join us for our weekly group, socialise with other riders and encourage each other to progress.

We will have a different theme each month such as dressage, poles, jumps, cavaletti, hacking, western etc

Riders Club

Saturday 10am - 12noon

Sunday 2pm - 4pm


Riding lesson and horse care session each week. Learn all about horses and how to care for them. 

Earn rosettes, certificates & badges along the way, whilst making lots of friends! 

Canter Club

Thursday10am - 12pm


Tack & groom our horses. 

An hours hack out.
Finish the morning with coffee & home made cakes

Coffee Morning

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