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Walk/Trot Trek

Every Saturday at 10.30am

Join us for a one hour walk/trot trek through the Scottish countryside

Minimum age 12 (Children must have riding experience)

Adult beginners welcome


Coffee Morning

Every Thursday between 10am and 12pm

We start off the morning by tacking up our horses and heading for a lesson and a leisurely hack.

To end the morning we will sit down for a well deserved hot drink and a slice of cake.

A morning that starts with horses and ends with cake ... Perfect!

£40 per person

Canter Club

Canter Club

Every Saturday between   10am and 12pm

Come and join the pony fun!

Our 2 hour canter club is a great introduction to ponies for children aged 6+

A great way to meet new friends and grow in confidence.

£40 per week

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